They refer to themselves as users, addicts or junkies.

They live at a treatment center called "The Kings Island". Their daily routine is, first of all, getting a daily routine, going to therapy and through counselling, trying to get rid of their addiction to drugs. 

They're all in it together. 

They all meet up twice a day, to read and discuss the days text. Afterwards they gather up, shoulder to shoulder, to say a prayer, where they ask for help to quit drugs.

Jakob's Dad was a drug addict. And that insecurity made Jacob a troubled kid. He cried a lot. And was never calm. So when Jacob was 8 his Dad chose to put a joint in his mouth to calm him down. He never got the chance to live a normal life, as he puts it himself. 

Jakob is 18 today. And not long ago his cocaine-, amfetamin and hash addicted body collapsed. He had three heart attacks in three days. He came to the treatment center, The Kings Island from "the streets". With a message from the doctors. If he wouldn't quit drugs right away, he'd be dead within a year.

For the first time in 10 years, he'd been a whole month without drugs. "I'd never been clean this long time," he says nervously. As if it's going to bring him bad luck, if he's too happy about it. 


Carsten clearing his head on an evening walk, during his first 24 hours of clean-time. 


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