It's gonna be a ...

... GIRL! - "I've always thought it would be fun to have one of each gender. I didn't expect to react like this," say's Christine Stillhoff Lausten, who's already mother to a little boy.

... GIRL! - Tanya Lund Andersen already knew the gender of her unborn child. Today she is here at the scan because her mother had never seen a scanning and wanted to try the experience. 

... BOY! - "Now it's all of a sudden something other than just an it," says Emma Aller with a big smile on her face. Herself and her boyfriend are having their first child in a couple of months.

... GIRL! - Christina Lysemoses boyfriend Martin Møller originally wanted the gender to be a surprise until it was born. "I think there's something romantic about the last surprise you get," he says. But Christina convinced him that they should be at the scanning today. Now they know they are waiting for a little girl.

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